Stop Junk Mail

Junk mail is the one thing you can count on in the mail, along with bills. Actually, it's a wonder anyone shows up at their mailbox anymore, give the junk that arrives. But is there a way to remove the clutter from your mailbox forever? The truth is that while you might not be able to stop junk mail completely, you can begin to reduce the amount you see in your mailbox and you can reduce the extra trips you need to make to your recycling bin (you are recycling that extra paper, aren't you?)

Yes, You Can Stop Junk Mail

Stopping junk mail can be done, when you know what the laws are. But let's sit down and be honest with ourselves for a moment. Most of the junk mail you're receiving is probably because you signed up for the mailing list to begin with - it's true. When you sign up for certain magazines or you order certain products, you are giving away your contact information to numerous mailing lists. And yes, that's completely legal when they don't tell you that your information is private. The next time you order something, look to see if the business offers to protect you from unnecessary junk mail - chances are you won't see anything that guarantees you freedom from mail junk.

Reasons to Stop Junk Mail

While frustration is the main reason why people want to stop that extra mail in their mailboxes, you might also have other reasons on your mind. Those who are concerned about the environment may not appreciate the extra paper that is coming into their home via junk mail. The paper that's wasted with the printing of these files is simply unnecessary and trees are giving their lives for yet another advertisement for an abdominal exerciser or some other piece of junk. Though you can recycle your junk mail, it's just better to not print it at all - and save the planet at the same time.

The time you spend dealing with junk mail is another reason why you might want to remove yourself from junk mail lists. Since you have to look over some of these pieces of mail carefully in order to be certain they aren't important, you are spending minutes of your day just with the nonsense you are receiving Those junk mail creators are good. They truly know what you perceive to be genuine mail and what you might actually feel inclined to open for fear you might miss out on an IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY. If you were to stop junk mail altogether, you could save yourself time and devote your precious spare minutes on mail that really matters.

You want to stop junk mail? You're going to have to do a little work. But it's worth it. Both to your spare time and to the environment.